One app
for all call needs.

With UpCall, users can see who is calling while their phone is ringing, even if it is not registered in their contacts, can make fun calls by adding subject, picture and stickers to any call, create a group and call everyone in the group at the same time, find the numbers of people and places they do not know.

Also UpCall app is free to download and enjoy its features.

Design of an interface system, basic infrastructure applications, graphic style, font, iconography and grid system. Art-direct several people that were building content for the app screens.

UI\UX, Art-direction, Design lead.

Call with a subject

By adding a subject users want to call , they can forward the call to the person they are calling while others' phones are ringing, and make them answer to their call.

Caller identity

When a number calls that is not stored on users contacts, they can see who the number belongs to while their phone is ringing. To take advantage of this feature, the person calling must have allowed sharing given information.

UpCall users can also enter any number on their call screen to find out who the number belongs to and and call immediately if allowed by the line owner.

Don't disturb mode

Users can ensure that they cannot be reached: With the feature of do not disturb, when users’ phone is on, the callers hear the call unreachable, and UpCall users can follow which number and when called.

Much more than regular phone's call screen:  UpCall users can easily manage all their calls on a single screen. 

Easy group call

UpCall users can create a group, call everyone in created group at the same time with one click, and also chat together. Moreover, the people they are calling do not need to have an application installed and they may be other operator subscribers.

Status is Statune

By subscribing UpCall Statune Service, users can tell the callers why they can't answer the phone, and let callers know that they are in a meeting, on vacation, watching in a movie, etc with the tone they choose.

Easy access to Emergency Numbers and Pharmacies: Users caneasily access anyemergency number they mayneed from a single screen, and easily call with one click. Moreover, they can query the pharmaciesnearest to them andsearch again easily with one click to viewtheir locations and departure routes on the map.

Personalized operator name is given: Withthe operator name setting, UpCallusers can personalize theiroperator name on the phone screen by turning it into the name of their loved ones, their favorite movie character orthe team theysupport!

Manage all calls from a single screen:

UpCall users can track not only successful and missed calls from their call logs, but also missed call information when they are off or busy. They can easily have information from call logs when the people they want to reach turn on their phones or end their conversations.

All capabilities are given on one screen.

In addition, UpCall users can easily follow others to learn that they have answered or ended their calls if the person they are calling is busy or unavailable.

9 new features, 700+ screens, wrapped up.

In the end users have new call experiences with new features such as; show caller ID, subject and picture call, unknown number identification, new group call experience, all-in-one-screen log module, do not disturb options, emergency options, spam call developments and operator name setting

Thanks for your attention.