Not your bank,
but you mate!

Paycell offers the most advanced online platform with the solutionof: A regular mobile phone number for all payment methods! Users can do online and in-store payments by giving approval from Paycell Application at all contracted member workplaces without using any bank connection

Redesign the mobile application
that provides more functions and lets user have better interfaces.

My role: User Interface Designer, Experience Designer, Product Design.

Challenge & Solution.

The biggest challenge was to create a new design system in a very short period of time. Atomic design was the answer for us. And another challenge was to find out active app users, interviewing
them to find out problems, make a solutions for them,
exploring new ideas/features and finally design something
that really solves user’s problems in a short period of time.

All around the product

Users become more conscious and a bit nervous also when they are using an app that is related to finance, payment, transaction or like something. So we made it more simple, easy to navigate and make the content well categorized.

User Interfaces & Elements

Icon used were not user-centered and not aligned with industry standards. And the average user-interface needed to be more
aesthetic visually. Also we discovered that the process of payment is kinda boring and not flexible. It takes time to understand for new users. We designed easy-to-follow screens to solve this.


Colours were picked with the same thought atomic design and the idea being smooth and trustable in finance.

Brand new on-boarding

Combined together with shapes, colours formed a distinctive visual feel and supported Grip’s identity as an asset factory.


1 Mn+ on Google Play Store & high-rate on App Store.
980K+ physical card owners connected to the app.
Excellent Project Closure.