Hello there, YOU JUST FOUND ME.

This is Ada.

I am an interdisciplinary design professional with more than 5 years experience, holding substantial number of local and international awards in different fields around Europe region such as; Rich Media Display Category, Direct Digital Marketing, Data Usage Connected to Creativity.

Proven proficiency with professional competency in digital media applications emphasis on the conception, creation, planning, problem solving, decision making, organizational skills and realization of visual solutions to complex problems in contemporary culture that responds to human interaction and responsible to digital citizenship.

I can easily integrate methodology, prototyping, aesthetics, human factors, technology, materials, context and audience to develop strategies and solutions that give form to screen and the built environment.

Featured in

MIXX Awards Europe
The Webby Awards
The Lovie Awards
Felis Awards
Digital Impact Awards
Crystal Apple Festival

Proudly worked with

Allianz            Carrefour            Coca-Cola            DrOetker            FritoLay            Huawei

Hewlett-Packard            KFC            L’Oréal Paris            Maybelline NY            Mercedes-Benz

PepsiCo            Philips            Skoda            Spotify            Starbucks            Total